How do i adjust my handlebars to the correct height?
how do i adjust my handlebars to the correct height


Adjusting your bicycle handlebars to the correct height is important for achieving a comfortable riding position and proper control over your bike. Here’s how to adjust your handlebars to the correct height:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Spanners
  • Allen Keys (if necessary)


  1. Loosen the Stem Bolts:
    The stem is the component that connects the handlebars to the fork steerer tube. Locate the bolts on the stem that attach it to the steerer tube. Depending on your bike, you might need an Allen key to loosen these bolts.
  2. Raise or Lower the Stem:
    Gently raise or lower the stem to your desired height. If you’re looking to make the handlebars higher, you’ll want to pull the stem upward. If you want to lower the handlebars, you’ll want to push the stem downward.
  3. Position the Handlebars:
    Make sure the handlebars are centered and aligned straight with the front wheel. You can use a level or visually assess their alignment.
  4. Align the Handlebars with the Wheel:
    When looking from the front of the bike, the handlebars should be parallel with the front wheel. This ensures proper steering and control.
  5. Check Your Comfort:
    Sit on the bike and grasp the handlebars as if you were riding. Test your comfort and make sure your back, arms, and shoulders feel relaxed. Your riding position should be natural and comfortable.
  6. Tighten the Stem Bolts:
    Once you’ve found the desired handlebar height and alignment, tighten the stem bolts securely. Use the appropriate torque specifications provided by the manufacturer to avoid over-tightening or under-tightening.
  7. Test Ride:
    Take a short test ride to ensure that the handlebar height feels comfortable and allows for proper control over the bike. Pay attention to how your posture feels and whether you have any discomfort in your back, shoulders, or arms.

It’s worth noting that adjusting the handlebar height might also affect your reach to the brake levers and shifters. If you find that the reach is uncomfortable after adjusting the height, you might need to consider adjusting the angle of the handlebars or the position of the brake levers and shifters.

If you’re uncertain about adjusting your handlebars or if you’re looking for a more precise fit, you might consider seeking assistance from a professional bike shop or a bike fitter such as Minstrel Cycles, Thornlie. They can help you find the optimal handlebar height and position based on your body dimensions and riding style.

Image by Luisella Planeta LOVE PEACE 💛💙 from Pixabay


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