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Minstrel Cycles Bicycle repairs

Brake repairs for all caliper & disc brakes

All types of derailleur gears, cogs and chains repaired and replaced

Need a tube or tyre repair or replacement? Contact us

Check those brakes, tyres and gears. Minor service starting from $50

A complete bike overhaul starting from $120

Full clean of all components with an extra polish

Had a bike in storage for a while? We will get it back on the road for you

If you have kids bikes getting the kids from home to school etc, lets make sure they’re safe.

About Minstrel Cycles

Serving Thornlie and the surrounding areas

Created by passionate nextdoor minstrels, unveiling Minstrel Cycles in 2022, with a shared love for cycling … ignited a spark between nextdoor neighbours Mark and Dave. With nearly a century of combined cycling experience, they embarked on a journey to bring top-tier bicycle repair-manship to the community. Thus, Minstrel Cycles was born — a testament to their dedication and expertise. From classic creations to cutting-edge innovations, we infuse every ride with the spirit of two lifelong cyclists. Join us in celebrating the joy of cycling, curated by those who live and breathe it.

Bicycle Service & Repairs

We Provide The Best Bicycle Repairs in Thornlie

Minstrel Cycles Is An Independent, Locally-owned & Operated Thornlie Bicycle Repair Service

Extensive knowledge and expertise in all facets of Bicycle Maintenance & repair.

Pedal with confidence! At Minstrel Cycles, we’re the neighbourhood’s go-to experts for all things bicycle repair. From a simple tune-up to tackling complex issues, our skilled technicians ensure your ride is smooth, safe, and ready for the road. Experience top-notch service that keeps you cycling with joy. Join the community of satisfied riders who trust us to keep their wheels spinning flawlessly.

Why choose Minstrel Cycles

We can get you & your bike, back on the road again

Quality Repairs

At Minstrel Cycles, our commitment to excellence shines through in every repair we undertake. Backed by decades of collective cycling experience, we meticulously tend to your bicycle, ensuring it's not just fixed, but optimized for peak performance. Whether it's a minor adjustment or a complete overhaul, our skilled technicians treat your ride with the care it deserves. Discover the difference of quality repairs that keep you pedaling smoothly and confidently.

Customer Support

At Minstrel Cycles, our commitment extends beyond fixing bikes; we're here to provide unwavering customer support. We understand that your cycling journey is unique, and we're dedicated to addressing your questions, concerns, and needs. Whether you're seeking expert advice, troubleshooting, or simply sharing your biking experiences, our customer support team is here to ensure your journey is as smooth as the rides we service. Join the Minstrel Cycles family and experience personalised support that goes the extra mile.

Fast Response

When time is of the essence, trust Minstrel Cycles to deliver a rapid and reliable response. Our dedicated team understands that every moment spent off your bicycle is a missed opportunity for adventure. With our fast response service, we ensure your bike gets back on the road in no time. Don't let delays slow you down – experience the speed and efficiency of Minstrel Cycles for a ride that's always ready to roll.

Extensive Knowledge

With a Combined Century of Experience: Minstrel Cycles is your gateway to an abundance of bicycle knowledge. Founded by Mark and Dave, two neighbours whose combined century of cycling experience forms the backbone of our expertise, we bring you more than just repairs – we bring insight. From vintage models to the latest innovations, we've pedalled through it all. Trust Minstrel Cycles as your source for in-depth understanding, valuable tips, and a shared passion that elevates your cycling experience.



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